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Need a quick getaway? Consider coming to visit Agri-B Plantation!

Proudly providing unforgettable quail hunting experiences for over 24 years, Agri-B Plantation is nestled in the countryside of Southwest Georgia. The plantation boasts rolling land with great ground cover to encourage the development of wild birds and is home to some of the best hunting dogs you have ever shot over. These wonderful dogs will hold a point forever and find the ones you put on the ground.

The most unique aspect of the plantation is the 1200 acres of Longleaf Pine with reintroduced wiregrass. In contrast to the flat coastal plain area around the plantation is the raised ridge it sits upon. This ridge is full of natural springs for water and was used as the first road down into Florida by the Spanish. It is a beauty to behold and has its own ecosystem.

Ms. Johnnie Mae’s cooking at lunch is definitely worth the trip. Ms. Johnnie Mae has been a pillar of the Agri-B Plantation since it opened. She does all cooking and cleaning of the lodges. Ms. Johnie Mae cooks some of the best South Georgia food you can eat. Her cornbread is legendary in our industry, along with her pies and jellies. By the time the afternoon hunt starts back, it is often a struggle to get off the jeeps as everyone is too full - so, usually the first 2 coveys of quail are safe from being hunted.

Good hunting, good food and good fellowship are all part of the experience at Agri-B Plantation. After visiting us here, we know you will want to come back again.

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