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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the plantation available for anyone or customers only?

The plantation is a stand alone company and is open to anyone that wants to book a quail hunt. Agri-B uses the plantation for customer hunting trips also. Agri-B plantation has many non-agriculture customers that do paid hunts. Bankers, electrical companies, and other businesses often book hunting trips at the plantation! Anyone is welcome and we have 2 lodges that are utilized for clients that travel a long way.

Is there always a specific itinerary and schedule when visiting the plantation?

There is always a schedule! Local people can arrive at 8:30am and be ready to hunt in the morning. Lunch follows, which many customers say is the best part. The afternoon hunt then concludes by 4:30pm. Out of town hunters usually try to book an afternoon hunt and arrive early for lunch, spend the night in one of our lodges, then do the next morning hunt, before departing. Visitors who come with hunting parties are welcome and are charged a lower rate. The Agri-B Plantation is not open for people to just come and watch or visit, guests always must have a booking prior.

Is it available year round?

For special occasions we can be open when it is not quail hunting season. Often these are for things like family reunions or other special events. Please contact us to discuss your request, we would love to hear from you.

Are guests always accompanied by staff?

All paying guests are accompanied by an Agri-Plantation guide. Agri-B customers are usually accompanied by Agri-B sales representatives. Strict safety rules are in place at all times so everybody has a good time. No-one is ever allowed to hunt on their own with their dogs as this is a big safety issue. The plantation is divided into 4-6 courses and all guides know where each other are at all times to ensure there is no close contact or safety risks.

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